I am Jlenia, daughter of a Greek father and an Italian mother, although I have always felt more Greek than Italian.
Since I was a child my dream has always been to have a seaside b&b in the south of my beloved island.
In my dreams I have always imagined a white house with blue doors and windows overlooking the sea.
You can only imagine what my reaction was to seeing Casadoria for the first time.
I still remember what I felt like as it was yesterday.

I finally saw come to life what I had always dreamed of having and wanted to do.
Now I am here, I will be happy to tell you my story in person when you come to visit me.
I thank me for my stubbornness and I thank all the people who believed in my project and who supported me.
Casadoria is not just a b & b, Casadoria is a “home” where I will be
happy and proud to host you.

Write me for any information